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Please take a moment to read some testimonials provided by real patients of Brooklyn Dentist Dr. Lanfranchi. Please call us @ (718)745-7171 or email us, if you have a testimonial you would like to share with our website visitors.

It's a good thing I had my teeth cleaned. You always do such a good job. Now I'm camera ready, I begin shooting a new TV series on Thurs. thanx Doc !!!                              A.G.   actress/singer       

I recently finished extensive work on a long time patient. She didnt have terrible teeth but wanted a nicer, whiter smile as her front teeth had discolored and had some old fillings in them. On the day I completed her work, I handed her a mirror and with bated breath anxiously awaited her response. With her first look, tears filled her eyes and of course my heart dropped. She then said " I LOVE them. I always wanted beautiful teeth!!!!" G.S.

The bleaching was sure worth it, I'm doing an episode of "Cheers"

Thank You for the beautiful flowers for my birthday. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw who they were from.

Thank God for cosmetic bonding. just in time for Judd Hirsch's "Dear John" series.

You and your staff are sensitive professionals and I feel fortuneate to be in capable hands.

I appreciate the good service and kindness of your office and am delighted with all the work you did for me

Thank You, for your expertise and freindship all these years

Words cannot express my appreciation for the professional work performed on my teeth.

The teeth are beautiful, I will screen test for Whoopi Goldberg's "Sister Act"
Pat G

Im told one of my memorable assets is my smile. Thanx for taking such good care of my teeth for all these years.
Anni G actress and singer