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Dr. Alfred J. Lanfranchi

Brooklyn Dentist-Alfred J. Lanfranchi, DDS

Like a treasured painting, smiles require careful, faithful maintenance if they are to last a lifetime. Twenty years of experience combined with a gentle touch, Dr. Lanfranchi treats your smile like a work of art. That's why his patients in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, New York have been referring family and friends for generations. In order to create the flawless smile you and Dr. Lanfranchi expect requires progressive, state of the art techniques and that's exactly what he offers all of his patients.                                  

While using the newest restorative procedures and materials, Dr. Lanfranchi prides himself in pampering his patients and does everything possible to make their dental experience a pleasant one. He's never rushed, so you won't find his reception room filled with waiting patients. He actually limits the number of patients he sees so that everyone will get the courteous care they deserve. "Dentistry with a Personal Touch's" primary focus is your comfort. Dr. Lanfranchi has done extensive research and honed an anesthetic injection technique that even fearful patients will find amazingly pain free.

In our hurried, hi tech business world, it's rare to find a compassionate doctor who will spend time listening to your problems and answering your questions. That is exactly what you'll find with Brooklyn dentist Dr. Lanfranchi.

Not merely a mechanic who fixes broken teeth, but a physician of oral tissues, he relies on his training at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for early cancer diagnosis. In order to stay abreast of all the latest innovative procedures and state of the art materials, Dr. Lanfranchi regularly attends seminars throughout the country. As recent research has shown, dental disease can be interrelated with other systemic diseases. In particular,  is the correlation of long standing periodontal (gum) inflammation and the destructive changes in the blood either precipitating or contributing to high blood pressure, stroke or diabetes. For this reason, Brooklyn dentist Dr. Lanfranchi insists that periodontal health is a "A1" priority.    

Sooner or later you will experience tooth damage. Brooklyn cosmetic & family dentist, Dr. Lanfranchi,  is well versed in a variety of dental restorations including Teeth Whitening,Cosmetic Imaging LumineersTraditional Implants and Porcelain Veneeers , All Porcelain Crowns and One Visit Root Canals to name a few.


  • 1970-1974     Columbia College of Dental Medicine
  • 1966-1970     Hunter College ( City University Of New York)


  •  American Dental Association
  •  New York State Dental Society
  •  Bay Ridge Dental Society
  •  Italian Dental Society


  • Certified in Lumineers
  • Inventor: Automated endodontic irrigating system (2005)
  • FBI sponsored Dental Forensics  (later this year)
  • Volunteer in "911" aftermath with NYC Board of Health
  • Volunteer  in Louisiana with Red Cross following Hurricane Katrina Disaster (Nov 2005)

Discover a real difference in personal professional healthcare. See for yourself how Brooklyn cosmetic & family dentist Dr. Lanfranchi's personal care can make a difference in a smile you can be proud of. Call TODAY and schedule a preferred appointment. You will be pleasantly surprised.      


Painless dentistry, no drilling and no needles. Sounds too good to be true?? Actually it IS true!!!!!!! Pain, needles, drills and numbness lasting for hours has prompted just about everyone to cringe at the thought of going to the dentist. Lasers address all of these and will begin a new horizon in the dental health industry. Until recently, lasers could only debride (clean) gum tissue or reshape it. Electronics and technology in the world have advanced incredibly and dentistry is no exception.

High speed hand-pieces have been a mainstay in dentistry for 60 years. They were developed to replace the belt driven models of former generations that were very slow (only a few thousand rpm) and ran very hot. They were replaced by high speed turbine engines with technology borrowed from jet turbines. They run @400,000 rpm, are water and air cooled. About 20 years ago lasers came on the scene only to be used on soft tissues.

Newer lasers can now be used on both soft and hard tissues (teeth) in the oral cavity. Making use of energy levels instead of grinding, lasers can minimize or eliminate the most common fears. Very often, lasers can perform procedures that ordinarily require anesthesia.

                    *If anesthesia is needed, the laser can anesthetize the tooth.

                    *The loud whine of the drill is eliminated (although lasers do make a noise)

                    *Periodontal (gum) treatments have the added benefit of killing bacteria

                    *Sutures are usually not needed, bleeding is rarely a problem and healing is rapid.

At present, the only drawback is the $80,000 cost. As with the cell phone, computers and laptops as more manufacturers enter the marketplace and the demand grows, the prices WILL come down. All of us will experience the use of lasers at some point and our children will certainly reap its full benefit.

Please contact our Brooklyn dental office if you have any questions or would like to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lanfranchi.

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Brooklyn dentist Dr. Alfred Lanfranchi is a highly skilled Brooklyn cosmetic & restorative dentist who has assisted many patients with cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers, dentures & partials, dental implants & teeth whitening. Conveniently located in Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Lanfranchi provides high quality dentistry to patients from  Brooklyn, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Park Slope & Staten Island NY areas.